My name's Ori. Floridian attending college in upstate NY. I like warm hugs. Lover(s)
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I’m toxic and no one should love me

really really anxious and sad need alcohol bye

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i just wanna be touched ughhhhhhhhh

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gonna buy my train tickets tonight!!! so excited hell yeah

So I asked my boyfriend to talk dirty to me in Bulgarian during sexytime…


It was incredibly hot, until I recognized the word “tomato” and asked him what he was saying. He then admitted that he was explaining how to make a salad.

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Anonymous: Your boobs are an incredible thing, anyone woupd be privileged to be smothered by them

lmao, this was a great message to get in class. thanks i guess 

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Game of Thrones ladies in respective house colors

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i cant fucking sleep i want to throw up i dont know what the fuck to do with myself i need to not feel like this i am not functional 

Can I please just die in my sleep I already feel like I’m dying

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hey sorry im late i didnt want to come